Coming Home By Fern Britton

Coming Home By Fern Britton


This title will be released on June 28, 2018. 

When the only place you want to be is home…

When Ella’s beloved grandmother dies, she comes back to the beautiful Cornish coast to heal her heart. There she finds her home again and discovers a new life, and new love … But she also opens a treasure trove of secrets.

Sennen left Cornwall a young single mum but unable to cope. She left her children, her family and part of her. She’s spent the years hiding from her past, hiding from herself.

Now it’s time to come back. To Cornwall. To face her mistakes. To pray for forgiveness. To hope for a future with her daughter.

My Thoughts:

I always get excited when I see that Fern Britton has a new book out and I could not wait for this one. Fern’s books are pure escapism and wonderful to read on a cold and frosty morning. I managed to read this book in a day and a half, I just couldn’t put it down. I found the story intriguing and had to know if Sennen would ever come back to her children. The last few chapters bought tears to my eyes I wont say if they were happy ones or not but this is one book you wont want to miss out on reading.

I received a advanced reading copy of this book. Thank you Lovereading.

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The Picture House By the Sea By Holly Hepburn

The Picture House By the Sea By Holly Hepburn

holly hepburn

The picture house by the sea is the Palace at Polwhipple – a lovely art deco cinema, nestled in front of azure Cornish seas. But it is long past its heyday now, and its only saving grace is Ferrelli’s, the family run ice-cream concession in the foyer, which is widely known as the best ice-cream for miles.

So when Ferdie, the owner of Ferelli’s, breaks his leg, his granddaughter Gina drops everything to come and help out. But when she arrives she is dismayed by the state of the cinema, which she remembers fondly from summer holidays when she was little, and she is determined to give it the makeover it deserves.

Along with local renovation expert Ben, she sets about reviving the Palace to its former glory.
But the cinema needs more than a lick of paint. Its very future is  under threat from a developer with greed in his eyes. Can Gina save the place before it is too late?

My Thoughts:

The picture house by the sea is a wonderful read, I love the concept of the book and how Gina comes to help out her grandfather’s business. The idea of inventing ice cream flavours to go with the films is pure genius and I loved reading about the ice cream side of it. There is plenty of drama and romance that will have you swept of your feet.

This was originally published as four separate novella’s in e- book format.

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A London Affair By Jan Ellis

A London Affair By Jan Ellis

jan ellis
Turning her back on university, Kate hopes to find an exciting opportunity that will take her away from wellies and wet sheep in the English countryside to the glitz and glamour of London.

However, after a year selling chutney on a chilly market stall, the prospects for a glittering career in the capital are looking increasingly unlikely.

All that changes when Ned, the intriguing buyer from a smart London deli, brings a welcome chance to follow her dream, and Kate finally embarks on a new chapter, leaving behind rural life and ex-boyfriend, Steve, in exchange for six months in the hectic café scene.

In Chelsea, Kate finds a bunch of ready-made friends in her flat-mates and grows close to Clare, Imogen, Freddy and the glamorous Russian heiress, Valentina. Imogen’s many comical attempts to find Kate a boyfriend backfire for Kate, but result in a twist in Immy and Freddy’s relationship.

Friendships deepen and secrets are revealed when Kate accepts an invitation to spend Christmas at the coast with Ned.

Back from the holidays, the flat-mates receive news that changes everything and forces Kate to make some big decisions: stay in London, return home or follow her heart to Cornwall?

My Thoughts:

I was asked to review this book by Jan Ellis the author herself, she asked me a she knew how much I had loved her previous books. I didn’t waste too much time and managed to read it within a day and a half, it was brilliant. I felt as though I was transported into the places where Jan takes us in her stories. I liked Kate the main character and her story. It was a really interesting but light read. I loved it. I look forward to reading the next book.

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A Baby at the Beach Cafe By Lucy Diamond

A Baby at the Beach Cafe By Lucy Diamond


Evie loves running her beach cafe in Cornwall but with a baby on the way, she’s been told to put her feet up. Let someone else take over? Not likely.

Helen’s come to Cornwall to escape the stress of city living. She hopes a seaside life will be the answer to all her dreams. When she sees a job advertised at the cafe it sounds perfect.

But the two women clash and sparks fly. . . and then events take a dramatic turn. Can the pair of them put aside their differences in a crisis?

My Thoughts:

I am a world book night giver today so I will be giving out this book to people who don’t normally read for pleasure or own books. If you want to know more see my previous post. I kept a copy for myself as I am a big fan of Lucy Diamond. Well I devoured it in one sitting, I  felt sad at the end that it had finished. It is a nice easy quick read one where you don’t have to think too much and one which I will remember. It is also part of the quick reads of 2016 and the best part of that is they only cost £1. I loved the story it made me think actually you know what if I wanted to I could do anything I want to do.  I have read many of Lucy’s books before and loved all of them. She is such a brilliant writer.

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The Farm at the Edge of the World By Sarah Vaughan

The Farm at the Edge of the World By Sarah Vaughan

sarah vaughan.jpg

This title will be released on June 30, 2016.

1939, and Will and Alice are evacuated to a granite farm in north Cornwall, perched on a windswept cliff. There they meet the farmer’s daughter, Maggie, and against fields of shimmering barley and a sky that stretches forever, enjoy a childhood largely protected from the ravages of war.

But in the sweltering summer of 1943 something happens that will have tragic consequences. A small lie escalates. Over 70 years on Alice is determined to atone for her behaviour – but has she left it too late?

2014, and Maggie’s granddaughter Lucy flees to the childhood home she couldn’t wait to leave thirteen years earlier, marriage over; career apparently ended thanks to one terrible mistake. Can she rebuild herself and the family farm? And can she help her grandmother, plagued by a secret, to find some lasting peace?

My Thoughts:

I feel very grateful to Sarah for sending me an advanced copy of her new book. After reading Sarah’s previous book the art of baking blind, I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for her next book. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and I literally enjoyed every single minute that I was reading this book. I loved the story and the fact that it is set on a farm well that is my ideal setting. I am a big fan of animals and I use to work on a farm so the story brought back all my memories which was nice. The story goes from past to present which sometimes can become confusing but I didn’t find it at all. I enjoyed reading about 1943 and the way certain things were. An emotional story but you will be able to see light at the end of the tunnel. This is a book you do not want to miss out on reading.

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High Tide By Veronica Henry

High Tide By Veronica Henry


Pennfleet might be a small town, but there’s never a dull moment in its narrow winding streets …

Kate has only planned a flying visit to clear out the family home after the death of her mother. When she finds an anonymous letter, she is drawn back into her own past.

Single dad Sam is juggling his deli and two lively teenagers, so romance is the last thing on his mind. Then Cupid fires an unexpected arrow – but what will his children think?

Nathan Fisher is happy with his lot, running picnic cruises up and down the river, but kissing the widow of the richest man in Pennfleet has disastrous consequences.

Vanessa knows what she has done is unseemly for a widow, but it’s the most fun she’s had for years. Must she always be on her best behaviour?

My Thoughts:

I have now read quite a few of Veronica Henry’s books and loved them, this one was just as good. There are lots of interesting main characters and when I first started the book and read about Kate and Vanessa I felt drawn to them and cared for them. Veronica brings the small Cornish town to life with her beautiful descriptions you can almost imagine you are there. There are four main characters really including Vanessa, Kate, Sam and Nathan and I loved going on each and every one of their journey and finding out more about them, I really recommend reading this book and I love the way Veronica Henry’s books make you feel. Such a good read.

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The Little Flower Shop by the Sea By Ali Mc Namara

The Little Flower Shop by the Sea By Ali Mc Namara

This title will be released on July 30, 2015.

The blossom is out in the little Cornish harbour town of St Felix

But Poppy Carmichael’s spirits aren’t lifted by the pretty West Country spring. Inheriting her grandmother’s flower shop has forced her to return to Cornwall, a place that holds too many memories.

Poppy is determined to do her best for the sake of her adored grandmother, but she struggles with the responsibility of the more-shabby-than-chic shop. And with the added complication of Jake, the gruff but gorgeous local flower grower, Poppy is very tempted to run away…

The pretty little town has a few surprises in store for Poppy. With new friends to help her and romance blooming, it’s time for Poppy to open her heart to St Felix and to the special magic of a little flower shop by the sea!

My Thoughts:

I haven’t read many of Ali’s books before but this one was a nice easy read perfect to take on holiday. The story was a nice little one maybe predictable but all the same very enjoyable. I liked reading about what all the different flowers mean it was very interesting. I thought Poppy the main character seemed lovely and I think her and Jake suited each other very well. It would be nice to have a follow up to see what happens in the future. The story is set in Cornwall which is just a lovely place, an enjoyable read.

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