One Cornish Summer By Liz Fenwick

One Cornish Summer By Liz Fenwick

liz fenwick

Against the beauty of Cornwall, a story of two women struggling with their past: one cannot remember hers, the other cannot forget…

When Hebe receives a life-changing diagnosis at only 53, she struggles to make sense of what it will mean for her, her job and the man she loves. With memories slipping away by the day, she flees to the one place she has always felt safe and peaceful – Cornwall, and the house her family spent so many summers in.

Lucy is having her own crisis, and seizes the chance to follow her aunt to Cornwall. Curious about what has driven Hebe there after so many years, she also has to battle with the secret she has kept since her family’s last summer there more than ten years ago.

Both women will learn that memories live in our hearts and that sharing secrets can set you free… But can they find their way back to the things that are truly important to them?

My Thoughts:

Liz Fenwick has done it again, she is such a brilliant author and her words transport you to Cornwall where her books are based. You really feel as though you are there in the midst of things. I loved this story and the characters, they seem to come alive with Liz’s descriptive writing. Helwyn House is fictious but it is based on a National Trust property called Godolphin House which I will definitely make time to visit at some point. A must read.

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