Out of the London Mist By Lyssa Medana

Out of the London Mist By Lyssa Medana

When news of his brother’s murder reached him, aether pilot John Farnley raced back to his old family home.
While he comforts his bereaved sister-in-law, and tries to sort the family business and holdings, he also wonders why his brother, Lord Nicholas Farnley, had ventured into the cramped streets of the East End of London where he had met his violent end. The slums are a deadly place where life was cheap and murderous thugs preyed on the weak and lost.

Now, in the midst of a thick, London fog, something even more monstrous is waiting in the mist-shrouded shadows. Something that has been brought to life by the refugees crowding Bethnal Green and Mile End. Something his brother might have had a hand in creating.
Aided by his friend, the resourceful Miss Sylvia Armley, his own understanding of the aether lines that flow above London, and guided by the erudite advice of Professor Entwistle, John is forced to find his way through the darkest part of London to avenge his brother and stop whatever aether powered monster is lurking there.

My Thoughts:

Even though this is not my usual genre I decided to take a leap and read it anyway. What more could I ask for? I love London and hearing about all the places where I have been or know, it brings a kind of special quality to a book I think. I found it fast paced with some good characters, even though I have never read a steam punk mystery before I will be more inclined to read one in the future. This book really opened my eyes to what life was like in London during the “London Peculiars”. Made for a really good read. I will be intrigued to see what Lyssa writes about next.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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A London Affair By Jan Ellis

A London Affair By Jan Ellis

jan ellis
Turning her back on university, Kate hopes to find an exciting opportunity that will take her away from wellies and wet sheep in the English countryside to the glitz and glamour of London.

However, after a year selling chutney on a chilly market stall, the prospects for a glittering career in the capital are looking increasingly unlikely.

All that changes when Ned, the intriguing buyer from a smart London deli, brings a welcome chance to follow her dream, and Kate finally embarks on a new chapter, leaving behind rural life and ex-boyfriend, Steve, in exchange for six months in the hectic café scene.

In Chelsea, Kate finds a bunch of ready-made friends in her flat-mates and grows close to Clare, Imogen, Freddy and the glamorous Russian heiress, Valentina. Imogen’s many comical attempts to find Kate a boyfriend backfire for Kate, but result in a twist in Immy and Freddy’s relationship.

Friendships deepen and secrets are revealed when Kate accepts an invitation to spend Christmas at the coast with Ned.

Back from the holidays, the flat-mates receive news that changes everything and forces Kate to make some big decisions: stay in London, return home or follow her heart to Cornwall?

My Thoughts:

I was asked to review this book by Jan Ellis the author herself, she asked me a she knew how much I had loved her previous books. I didn’t waste too much time and managed to read it within a day and a half, it was brilliant. I felt as though I was transported into the places where Jan takes us in her stories. I liked Kate the main character and her story. It was a really interesting but light read. I loved it. I look forward to reading the next book.

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A Kiss from France By Susan Hughes

A Kiss from France By Susan Hughes

As men toiled on the front lines, back home the munitionettes made the armaments and fought battles all their own.

London, 1917. Lizzie Fenwick is young, ambitious, and in love. At least, she thinks she’s in love with the soldier who answered the note she concealed in a box of ammunition shells. She spends her days filling shells with TNT, and her nights dreaming of the mysterious Harry Slater.

Eunice Wilson knows the exact moment her marriage to Jack began to fracture. He refused to enlist, and their patriotic neighbours never let her live it down. Now he’s been conscripted and she can’t help but feel regret for shunning Jack before his departure.

As separate tragedies cause Lizzie to make hard choices and Eunice to cope with loss, the two women are unsure how to adjust when peace finally returns. Little do they know that an earlier war-time betrayal will force Lizzie and Eunice to confront everything they knew about friendship, loyalty, and love.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book, it is such a compelling story that you just get swept away with the romance and the fact it is set in 1917. I loved the characters in this book, the way the book is written is just brilliant I love reading books that are set in the past. So much description that I was sad when I finished it. Will definitely look out for more of this author’s books.

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