A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love: With cupcakes, coffee and karma By Linn B Halton

A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love: With cupcakes, coffee and karma By Linn B Halton

linn b halton

Life isn’t all love and cupcakes …
Katie has had her fair share of bad luck, but when she finally realises her dream of opening a bakery it seems things can only get better.
But the reality of running a business hits Katie hard and whilst her partner, Steve, tries to help she can’t help but feel that the situation is driving them further apart. Could Katie be set to lose her relationship and her dream job?
Then, one winter’s day, a man walks into her shop – and, in the space of that moment, the course of Katie’s life is changed.
But nobody finds happiness in the blink of an eye. Sometimes it takes two Christmases, three birthdays and a whole lot of cake to get there.

My Thoughts:

I was given this book for an honest review. I loved it. It had everything I ask for in a book, great storyline, interesting characters and baking. I really felt for Katie the main character to start with but then things look up for her and I had my fingers crossed that something good would happen to her. I thought this book was fabulous, but do not read on an empty stomach as you will get very hungry with all the talk about cakes.

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The Christmas Spirit By Susan Buchanan

The Christmas Spirit By Susan Buchanan

Christmas is coming, but not everyone is looking forward to it.

Rebecca has just been dumped and the prospect of spending the holiday period with her parents is less than appealing.
Eighty- two year old Stanley lost his beloved wife, Edie, to cancer. How will he cope with his first Christmas without her?
Jacob’s university degree hasn’t helped him get a job, and it looks like he’ll still be signing on come New Year.
Workaholic Meredith would rather spend December 25th at home alone with a ready meal and a DVD box set. Can anything make her embrace the spirit of the season?
The enigmatic Natalie Hope takes over the reins at the Sugar and Spice bakery and café in an attempt to spread some festive cheer and restore Christmas spirit, but will she succeed?

My Thoughts:

With the run up to Christmas not that far away, this book is an absolute delight. This story is centred around the Sugar and Spice Bakery and a lady called Natalie that makes the most amazing cakes from around the world. It is in the bakery that all the characters congregate and interact with one another, which results in positive ways for all involved. This was a big hit for me as it involved Christmas, Cake and a bakery. I found the story left me feeling all warm inside.