Summer at Rachel’s Pudding Pantry By Caroline Roberts

Summer at Rachel’s Pudding Pantry By Caroline Roberts

The Pudding Pantry opens its doors for summer.

And there are wedding bells on the horizon . . .

The sun is shining as Rachel and her gorgeous beau, Tom, prepare to tie the knot at Primrose Farm.

It takes a village to pull off the perfect country wedding and Rachel couldn’t be more grateful for her friends and family as they roll out the haybales and string up the bunting – all she needs to do is focus on her Happy Ever After.

But no wedding is without drama. A face from the past is looking to stir up trouble in the village and there’s a secret following Rachel all the way up the aisle . . .

With old friends, new promises and a little borrowed time, will Rachel get the wedding of her dreams?

My Thoughts:

This is book three in the Pudding Pantry Series and I have enjoyed all of them, I know I am a bit late in reading this one as it is not the Summer anymore but I needed something light to read in between reading some other genres. It was the perfect pick me up, but don’t read this book on an empty stomach as all the puddings and cakes will leave you feeling hungry. I love being back here with the characters, we meet up with Rachel and Tom and hear about their upcoming wedding, but is everything as rosy as it seems? you really get a little bit of everything in this book, family, friends, romance, a great bunch of characters and most importantly some delicious puddings and sweet treats. The thing I really like about the series is in every book there are recipes, so if you fancy giving one a go, you can.

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