Find Me ( Trust Me Find Me Romantic Suspense Series Book 2)

Find Me ( Trust Me Find Me Romantic Suspense Series Book 2)

What should she have done?
They’d been friends, even kissed once.
The police said he was a murderer. But, they let him go.
Knowing all that, how could she go with him into witness protection?

A few months on, and Claire Williams is still bearing the scars; still chasing the ghost of Sion Edwards, even though he’s dead to her now. Determined to start afresh, and to find the father she’s never known; she takes a big world trip. It’s meant to be the adventure of a lifetime. It will be. But not the way she imagined it.

Is there anywhere safe to hide? Sion Edwards was an undercover agent, a hitman for one of England’s most notorious drugs gangs. And now there’s a price on his head. They’re after his blood and they won’t rest until he’s reeled back in and they have their revenge.

When the big fish slips the hook, it’s time to use live bait.

My Thoughts:

We continue the story here from Nell’s previous novel Trust Me, here the story focuses on Claire, back then something dreadful happened if you want to know what happened read book one first and Claire is still traumatised by it all, she decides to start somewhere new and sets on a mission to find her father, on this adventure she encounters all sorts and I willed for her to be alright. A very dramatic read with a very good ending.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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