One of the Family By Sadie Pearse

One of the Family By Sadie Pearse


Samantha Jackson has been missing for eighteen years. Then, out of nowhere, she gets back in touch with her sister.

Sam needs Freya – now a grown woman with a family of her own – to take in her son.

But Dino is not a happy child, despite the warmth of Freya’s family he cannot settle. He startles at loud noises and he’s prone to angry, violent outbursts. He’s one of the family, Freya knows he is, but why doesn’t it feel like that?

In order to keep her daughters safe, Freya is forced to go in search of the truth. What is going on with Dino, and what really happened to her sister the night she left?

My Thoughts:

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

When I finish a book now I always look at the cover again and I always find it poignant. You will see once you read this story how the cover comes more alive. This story is set in one of my favourite places Dorset, I love the different places they go to like Lyme Regis and Monkey World is mentioned too. It always feels more special when you know the places that are talked about in a book. The story is about Freya and her sister Sam who has been missing for a long time, Freya now has two girls and has always been looking for her sister every day since she went missing. One day she gets an email for Sam asking to look after her son Dino, when he turns up he is violent and has issues, what is the problem and can Freya help him? Early on in this story I thought I had it all figured out but then throughout the story there is a massive curve ball that is thrown into the mix that I did not see coming. I really felt for Freya as she has it tough looking after a child that obviously has more things on his mind than he is willing to share, she has to give up things she loves. I also really felt for Dino, when he does decide to open up, his story is quite heartbreaking and I did shed a few tears. I didn’t feel anything for Sam as I cant understand people that take drugs and all the other things she does, I didn’t have any time for her at all. I read this book in a day as I just could not put it down.

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