Voice of Innocence By Lindsey Detwiler

Voice of Innocence By Lindsey Detwiler

Emma and Corbin: two typical teenagers traveling the road of first love together, innocent hearts linked by an impenetrable bond. When Corbin is convicted of a murder he didn’t commit and faces years in prison, though, their love is severed.

Decades later, Corbin is finally proven innocent and both are haunted by a relationship neither has forgotten. Lives irrevocably altered and time passed, Emma and Corbin must face a difficult decision: should they settle for the separate lives that have become their reality, or can they take the risk that the passion of a first love doesn’t fade with time?

My Thoughts:

This book is a love story with many interesting and intriguing twists. I found it really interesting to hear about the characters and they way you can read about their innermost thoughts. I think Lindsey has done that really well. This is a book that people will be able to relate to, it will make you think about life in general and about all the turns that life deals to us all. This book made me really think about my life and I really hope that there is a sequel as I would love to hear more about the two main characters.

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