Kiss Me, Kill Me By J. S. Carol

Kiss Me, Kill Me By J. S. Carol

When Zoe meets Dan, he’s everything she is looking for in a man – intelligent, charming, supportive.
It’s only after they’re married that she realises that he’s controlling, aggressive, paranoid.
And there’s no way out.

Or is there?

Zoe knows she has to escape, but Dan’s found her once before, and she knows he can find her again.
But Dan has plans of his own. Plans that don’t necessarily include Zoe.

Be careful who you trust . . .

My Thoughts:

I was intrigued after reading the blurb for this book, it sounded gripping and it didn’t disappoint. I found it tense and a dark read. The two main characters are Dan and his wife Zoe, he is a very controlling husband and paranoid too. This book is full of twists, you think it is going one way and then something completely different happens. I couldn’t believe how hooked I was and how involved I felt. I definitely want to read more by this author.

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