It All Falls Down By Sheena Kamal

It All Falls Down By Sheena Kamal

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Nora Watts is being hunted . . . 

When Nora Watts is approached by a man claiming to know her late father, she is thrown into turmoil. Struggling with the imminent death, from cancer, of her friend and mentor Sebastian Crow, she is unprepared for the memories that this encounter brings back. What happened to her father that made him kill himself and abandon Nora and her sister?

Heading to Detroit to try and find some answers about his life there, Nora expects to discover a reason behind his suicide. Instead, she finds more questions than answers.

But trouble always follows Nora, and it’s found her in Detroit, a city that is as broken as she is.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed the first book and loved how Nora grew. This story didn’t seem to have as much action as the first book but it was still an enjoyable read. You definitely have to read the first book to understand the characters and to make complete sense of what is going on. This is a thriller with lots of memorable characters and a dog called Whisper.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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