Healed By Love (love in Bloom:The Bradens) By Melissa Foster

Healed By Love (love in Bloom:The Bradens) By Melissa Foster

Nate Braden has loved his best friend’s younger sister Jewel for as long as he can remember, but between their age difference and his respect for Rick, he’s always kept his feelings at bay.

Now he’s back in Peaceful Harbor, and Jewel is no longer sixteen years old–but there’s an even bigger obstacle standing in his way. Nate and Rick joined the military together eight years earlier. Nate came home a hero, but Rick didn’t make it out alive.

My Thoughts:

Another fantastic read by Melissa. Melissa’s books are full of hunky guys, hot romances and the very strong women. In this story the main character is called Nate, who is 27 years old and he is an ex soldier with a bucket load of guilt and a secret love for his best mate’s sister.  Can they  find a way to conquer their fears and find the love that will heal both of their hearts together? I love the way that there is so much emotion that you can kind of feel what they characters are going through. Such an emotional story, you will feel like you have been on a rollercoaster, it is a tear jerker too as you discover the back stories. I was hooked from the start, definitely a book that will not leave me for a long time.

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