Animal Ark Book Set 1 – 10 By Lucy Daniels

Animal Ark Book Set 1 – 10 By Lucy Daniels

animal ark

I have previously read Summer at Hope Meadows which is the follow on from all of these brilliant books. These are my childhood classics that I was very lucky to be able to purchase. There are over 60 of these books and when I was younger I did actually read them all. I have only purchased the first ten and read them from cover to cover.

Mandy is an animal lover and her parents own a vets practise so Mandy helps them out and with her best friend James who is also an animal lover it is a match made in heaven. I loved seeing what they use to get up to. Each book is a different story, I don’t think I have a favourite I just love them all. I was excited to see Lucy Daniel had a new book out recently called Summer at Hope Meadows where we catch up with Mandy and best friend James and see what they are getting up to. There are also some familiar faces from the old classics.

There are nice short reads with a few pictures too. Hopefully when I have children in the future I will be able to read these to them.

These books are not really available as they are quite old, if you did want to see if you could purchase them the best bet would be to try ebay.

Quintessentially Yours By Linn B Halton

Quintessentially Yours By Linn B Halton

James Kingman’s world just got complicated.

The love of his life, Katherine Dale, has just given birth to their first child.

His troublesome business manager, Phillipa, is sexually harassing him at work.

His boss proposes a partnership which would double his workload.

With so much on his plate, how will James cope?

Plagued by the unexpected exhaustion of having a baby who suffers from colic, he tries his best to hold his family together. Despite growing up without a mother and a neglectful father, James is a natural-born father.

Katherine, however, is struggling.

Dejected and rejected, Katherine battles with her hormones as her writing career begins to slip away from her. She not only doubts her capabilities as a writer but as a mother too.

Katherine confides in James’ boss, the enigmatic and world-famous astrologer, Mark Ainsley-Thomas, and he puts her in touch with his agent.

Things start to look up for the writer, as her latest work attracts attention from several publishers, but her trips to Mark’s hotel attract attention too…

Suspicion is aroused and photographs are snapped.

Is there any truth to last year’s rumours of an affair between the pair?

If not, then why is Katherine visiting Mark in secret?

Will James be able to resist the advances of his seductive colleague?

Will the tangled trio be able to avoid scandal in the stars?

My Thoughts:

Quintessentially yours is a story about everyday life with people that add just a pinch more sparkle to make it such a perfectly enjoyable read. This story centres around Katherine and James who are going through what some people may say real life problems. There is alot going on and you also get to see what the other characters think of James and Katherine’s relationship and life. Such a touching read which I thoroughly enjoyed.

If you would like to purchase this book, please click on the link below:

Lucy In The Sky By Paige Toon

Lucy In The Sky By Paige Toon

Settling down for a 24-hour flight to Australia, Lucy finds a text message on her phone – not from her boyfriend James, as she fondly hopes, but from a woman claiming to have slept with him four times in the past month. Trapped on the plane, she questions everything about her relationship with James. She finally calls him and he reassures her: it was only his mates playing a silly joke. James is a lawyer, persuasive and gorgeous and Lucy adores him.

So why, at the wedding in Sydney of her best friend Molly, does she have niggling doubts, and find herself attracted to Molly’s brother-in-law Nathan? The sooner she gets back to her regular life in London, the flat she shares with James, her job in PR, the better. Nathan is a happy-go-lucky surfer boy, with no prospects, no place to live, an almost-girlfriend in tow. And the other side of the world…Lucy – a girl caught between two distant continents – and two very different men…

My Thoughts:

This is pure chick lit at it’s best. This is a fast paced read but such an enjoyable one. Brilliantly written with a cracking storyline, it will make you cry and laugh all at the same time. Such a time waster of a book I just didn’t want to put it down. I loved the connection between Lucy and Nathan and I could see what James was really like early on. I really liked Lucy I thought she seemed down to earth and a tad like me in certain aspects. I loved reading all the jokes too, some of them were pretty funny. Would love to read more of Paige’s books soon.