Animal Ark Book Set 1 – 10 By Lucy Daniels

Animal Ark Book Set 1 – 10 By Lucy Daniels

animal ark

I have previously read Summer at Hope Meadows which is the follow on from all of these brilliant books. These are my childhood classics that I was very lucky to be able to purchase. There are over 60 of these books and when I was younger I did actually read them all. I have only purchased the first ten and read them from cover to cover.

Mandy is an animal lover and her parents own a vets practise so Mandy helps them out and with her best friend James who is also an animal lover it is a match made in heaven. I loved seeing what they use to get up to. Each book is a different story, I don’t think I have a favourite I just love them all. I was excited to see Lucy Daniel had a new book out recently called Summer at Hope Meadows where we catch up with Mandy and best friend James and see what they are getting up to. There are also some familiar faces from the old classics.

There are nice short reads with a few pictures too. Hopefully when I have children in the future I will be able to read these to them.

These books are not really available as they are quite old, if you did want to see if you could purchase them the best bet would be to try ebay.

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