At Therapy’s End By Susie Flashmann Jarvis

At Therapy’s End By Susie Flashmann Jarvis

As Alfie’s first birthday draws near, his mother, Sophie, and her family are forced to confront a past they have been trying to shut away for years. Revisiting painful memories, grief threatens to destroy relationships as Sophie and her daughter, Katie, wrestle with guilt, and Simon, their loving husband and father, can only look on in despair.

Grief’s shadow threatens to overwhelm them all, and Sophie finds herself face to face with her abusive childhood. Will they be able to find a way through their heartache to a place of healing and peace? What will they find at therapy’s end?

My Thoughts:

I was lucky enough to get a copy from Susie herself and I really appreciate it. Wow!! where do I begin, this is such a heartbreaking and honest book that deals with real life problems. Even though I am yet to be a mother I could understand how heart breaking it must be to have lost a child. Susie has written this book so well with such emotion that you will have a tear in your eye. It is unfortunately something some of us have been through or know someone who has been through it. It has made me open my eyes and think about life in general. This is a story that will definitely stay with me. I love the way how the book was set out with mum, dad and daughter speaking about what had happened and how they were coming to terms with it. There are a few twists along the way that I didn’t expect. This book certainly shows how one tragedy can unite a family. Brilliantly written.

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