Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses By Carole Matthews

Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses By Carole Matthews

paper hearts

This title will be released on April 6, 2017.

Christie Chapman is a single mum who spends her days commuting to her secretarial job in London and looking after her teenage son, Finn. It’s not an easy life but Christie finds comfort in her love of crafting, and spends her spare time working on her beautiful creations. From intricately designed cards to personalised gifts, Christie’s flair for the handmade knows no bounds and it’s not long before opportunity comes knocking.

Christie can see a future full of hope and possibility for her and Finn – and if the handsome Max is to be believed, one full of love too. It’s all there for the taking. And then, all of sudden, her world is turned upside down.

Christie knows that something has to give, but can she really give up her dreams and the chance of real love? Will Christie find her happy ending in . . . Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses.

Ahead of the paperback copy of this books release I was asked if I would like to be involved in a paper chain of  thanks which means that I can give away a copy of the book to someone and explain my reasons why. I could choose anyone including my lovely readers, friends, family members or run a competition. Well I decided that I am giving my copy away to my beautiful mum, she has always been there for me through thick and thin. Even when I made bad decisions in my life she still stood by me and looked after me when I was really poorly. She has been my rock and I will never forget all of the things she has done for me. She is very special to me and she really deserves to read this book and have a little me time. She is an amazing. I love you mum. You rock!!

My Thoughts:

The cover of this book is so pretty it makes me think of the summer straight away. I loved the story and I loved all the characters. In some parts I really felt for Christie and her son and really wanted to help her or give her a big hug and say that everything would be ok. I found the storyline about crafting quite mesmerising and it has spurred me on to do a little bit of crafting, which I am really looking forward to. I didn’t want it to end and I thought it was superbly written.

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