Becoming Ted By Matt Cain

Becoming Ted By Matt Cain

Ted Ainsworth has always worked at his family’s ice-cream business in the quiet Lancashire town of St Luke’s-on-Sea.

But the truth is, he’s never wanted to work for the family firm – he doesn’t even like ice-cream, though he’s never told his parents that. When Ted’s husband suddenly leaves him, the bottom falls out of his world.

But what if this could be an opportunity to put what he wants first? This could be the chance to finally follow his secret dream: something Ted has never told anyone …

My Thoughts:

After reading Matt’s previous book The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle I was looking forward to reading this one. It is all about Ted who grew up working for his parent’s ice cream business and not living his life how he wanted. When his circumstances change however he is given an opportunity to change his life for the better but will he take it? I liked the story and I felt for Ted and what had happened to him, but I felt there were certain words in this book that didn’t need to be in there it was a little cringe for me. The story is all about becoming who you really want to be and not letting anyone stop you from doing that.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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