The Little Shop of Hidden Treasures By Holly Hepburn

The Little Shop of Hidden Treasures By Holly Hepburn

When Hope loses her husband, she fears her happiest days are behind her. With her only connection to London broken, she moves home to York to be near her family and to begin to build a new life.  
Taking a job at the antique shop she has always admired, she finds herself crossing paths with two very different men. Will, who has recently become the guardian to his niece after the tragic death of her parents. And Ciaran, who she enlists to help solve the mystery of an Egyptian antique. Two men who represent two different happy endings.
But can she trust herself to choose the right man? And will that bring her everything she really needs?

My Thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this comforting and warm read. All the characters in this story make is such a wonderful read, there is Hope who after a bereavement, doesn’t think she will be happy ever again, she moves back to be near her family and find some comfort from them. When she gets a job at an antique shop it is the last thing she thought she would be doing but can the magical shop turn her life around for the better? also there are a couple of good looking men that want to help Hope out, but can she ever see a happy ending? I went through quite a few emotions reading this book and I really was drawn to Hope, not that I could ever imagine going through what she has gone through but just because even at her lowest she is still there to help other people out. I really admire her. I loved reading about her meeting Brodie and what she does for the little girl, it was lovely to see their bond grow. It was just a pleasing story that made me feel like I was wrapped in a warm hug.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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