The Library By Bella Osborne

The Library By Bella Osborne

Teenager Tom has always blended into the background of life. After a row with his dad and facing an unhappy future at the dog food factory, he escapes to the library.

Pensioner Maggie has been happily alone with her beloved novels for ten years – at least, that’s what she tells herself.

When they meet, they recognise something in each other that will change both their lives for ever.

Then the library comes under threat of closure, and they must join forces to prove that it’s not just about books – it’s the heart of their community.

They are determined to save it – because some things are worth fighting for.

My Thoughts:

I have always liked Bella’s books and was excited to see her next one was out. I loved it, and needed it at this moment in my life. Going through a lot means escaping with a book is the best thing ever. Reading about Tom and Maggie’s unlikely friendship was lovely to see, they each have their own story which we get to hear about, both are lonely in their own worlds but the library has brought them together and has formed a lovely relationship between the two of them. It is a heart warming and touching read about a true friendship. I also enjoyed all the recommendations of different books and I genuinely want to read some of them. I cannot wait to see what Bella’s next book brings. Perfect escapism that brings joy to a readers face.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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