Clothes… and other things that matter By Alexandra Shulman

Clothes… and other things that matter By Alexandra Shulman

Clothes… and other things that matter is a book not only about clothes but about the way we live our lives. From childhood onwards, the way we dress is a result of our personal history. In a mix of memoir, fashion history and social observation I am writing about the person our clothes allows us to be and sometimes the person they turn us into.’ – Alexandra Shulman

In Clothes… and other things that matter, Alexandra Shulman delves into her own life to look at the emotions, ambitions, expectations and meanings behind the way we dress.

From the bra to the bikini, the trench coat to trainers, the slip dress to the suit, she explores their meaning in women’s lives and how our wardrobes intersect with the larger world – the career ladder, motherhood, romance, sexual identity, ambition, failure, body image and celebrity.

My Thoughts:

This was a bit different to my usual reads but I am glad I have read it as I found it a fascinating insight into the world of clothes. It shows the reader how we live our lives through our clothes, it really was very interesting and insightful what Alexandra has written. I liked the fact that the chapters are broken down into different items of clothing, some I found more interesting than others but that is just personal preferences. If your into clothes this book will be a big hit for you, if your not, I would still recommend to read it as I did find it interesting about how clothes give us confidence and how we wear different items of clothing. I really enjoyed this book.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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