The Missing By Stephen Zimmerman

The Missing By Stephen Zimmerman

Newly promoted to Detective, Sam Cross wants to prove himself, but his first assignment is routine—tracking down a stolen Ferrari to a town barely a blip on a map. Once inside the city limits his GPS goes nuts, his phone and radio lose their signal, and the gruff small-town Sheriff won’t take him seriously. Before long, Sam is warned he can’t leave town and the nervous town-folk won’t tell him why.

When the Sheriff’s daughter privately approaches Sam with an outrageous story, he is skeptical. But after she tells him that the town is controlled by a mysterious organization called the Hive, that no one is supposed to be able to enter, no one is allowed to leave and if anyone breaks the rules they mysteriously go missing, he decides to investigate, leading him down a dangerous path. Sam is left with only two choices: obey Hive’s rules and never see his wife and kids again, or try to free the town of its captors. The problem is, if he’s not careful, he might become one of THE MISSING.

My Thoughts:

Sam Cross has been promoted to Detective where he works and his first job is to track down a specific stolen car, he has to go to a town that makes his GPS go crazy and the town people say he cannot leave, apparently the town is controlled by the Hive, which has certain rules that need to be applied. But is Sam going to listen to the rules or will he break the rules? after all he has a wife and kids at home. I liked the sound of this story, it was well paced and an interesting scenario. The characters were all interesting and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the book. For me halfway through I found it becoming a little slow and I felt as though I didn’t connect to the main character so wasn’t fussed about what happened to him. I am glad I have read this book though.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review

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