The Art of Loving you By Amelia Henley

The Art of Loving you By Amelia Henley

They were so in love . . .
And then life changed forever . . .
Will they find happiness again?
Libby and Jack are the happiest they’ve ever been. Thanks to their dear friend, eighty-year-old Sid, they’ve just bought their first house together, and it’s the beginning of the life they’ve always dreamed of.

But the universe has other plans for Libby and Jack and a devastating twist of fate shatters their world.
All of a sudden life is looking very different, and unlikely though it seems, might Sid be the one person who can help Libby and Jack move forward when what they loved the most has been lost?

My Thoughts:

The story is about Libby and Jack who are in a relationship and blissfully happy, they have moved into their new home together and everything is great until one day something happens and it turns both their worlds upside down. Then what happens when you had your whole life planned out and then suddenly it is changed for you in a way you had never planned. It was lovely to see how much Libby and Jack loved each other and seeing their love blooming, but it is a very emotional read that made me reach for the tissue’s a number of times. You can’t ever imagine these things happening to you and how you would deal with them if you were in the same situation. This story is a reminder that anything can change in an instant. Hug those that you are close too and tell them you love them as you never know what is around the corner.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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