A Beginner’s Guide to Murder By Rosalind Stopps

A Beginner’s Guide to Murder By Rosalind Stopps

Grace, Meg and Daphne, all in their seventies, are minding their own business while enjoying a cup of tea in a café, when seventeen-year-old Nina stumbles in. She’s clearly distraught and running from someone, so the three women think nothing of hiding her when a suspicious-looking man starts asking if they’ve seen her.
Once alone, Nina tells the women a little of what she’s running from. The need to protect her is immediate, and Grace, Meg and Daphne vow to do just this. But how? They soon realise there really is only one answer: murder.
And so begins the tale of the three most unlikely murderers-in-the-making, and may hell protect anyone who underestimates them.

My Thoughts:

I loved the sound of this story, it seemed like it was going to be really good, although for me I found it a little slow, there is a dark theme with humour, but it is a well balanced and written story. I liked all the characters and hoped that Grace, Meg and Daphne would be able to help Nina. The story is about three friends all in their seventies who come across a young girl who is very upset and is on the run, They decide to help her and get caught up in everything in the process. I tell you what they won’t take no rubbish from anyone, I think these ladies were Nina’s best bet. The ending was good.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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