The Long Way Home By Fanny Blake

The Long Way Home By Fanny Blake

A family secret, a mysterious legacy, and a journey that will change everything…
When Isla, a 65-year-old grandmother, is left nothing but an old painting in her mother’s will, while her sisters and aunt inherit the estate, she is devastated. Close to retirement, getting ready to live on her own terms, the last thing she expects at this time of her life is such turmoil. So, to find an explanation for her mother’s rejection, she embarks on a road-trip.
But, right at the last moment, she’s forced to take her sullen – and, in her view, impossible – 14-year-old granddaughter Charlie with her. Cramped together in Isla’s car with her smelly old dog, these ill-assorted travelling companions set off to uncover some shattering and life-changing family truths at the same time as learning to love each other…

My Thoughts:

The cover is so pretty, it reminds me of lazy Summer days and being out on walks in the fresh air. This book is set in the UK but we also see the book go back in time to Paris in the 1950’s. Family, secrets and love and loss are all a big part of how this story is told, really well thought and told characters that really bring the story to life. It is so much more than what the story is really about. Isla is about to take her 14 year old granddaughter on a road trip, but will a 14 year old really want to cooperate with her 65 year old gran? What will they uncover when they embark on this trip of a lifetime?

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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