Another Life By Nicholas Brown

Another Life By Nicholas Brown

For the past year, not a day had gone by when Evan hadn’t thought about this exact moment, the moment he and Ben would be reunited. It was frozen in his time and memory, much like this cabin by the sea – or so it seemed.

There was the possibility that what was about to happen one weekend in Janus was in fact a very bad idea, that the loving reunion he’d so hoped for, would be dashed by their divided realities.

Reunited by a love and longing that tethers them to one another, Ben and Evan must struggle with their history, in order to accept the present.

Can Evan ask the right questions and get the answers he needs to move forwards?

Or, is their history enough to save them both?

My Thoughts:

Evan and Ben have not seen each other for a long time, but what happened back then? can they reacquaint their love for each other or did what happened in the past reflect on where they are both now? Will they be able to move on with their lives and be happy? I think this is the first book where the main characters and the story is about same sex relationships and I haven’t read many books that centre on this but I feel as though it should be as everyone is equal and you can love whoever you want. It was a good read with hidden struggles and one that taught me a few things. I am glad I gave this book a read. A good read.

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