Jigsaw Girl By Carmen Capuano

Jigsaw Girl By Carmen Capuano

Nothing about fifteen-year-old Scarlett’s new life is average.

Tormented by the recent trauma and guilt of being rescued from a house fire when the fireman who rescued her died in the process, she travels a dangerous path of self-harm and alcohol abuse and becomes enmeshed with the darker side of life.

Fuelled by alcohol and guilt and unable to vent her feelings of inadequacy for the sacrifice the fireman made, she’s thrust further into despair when her family starts to fall apart around her…and there is nothing for her to hold on to.

When the world seems to turn away from her, one boy shows a keen interest in her, professing his love and swearing they will never part.

But is Matt Jones, Scarlett’s salvation, or will he be her final damnation?

My Thoughts:

After reading Carmen’s previous novels, I was excited to learn she had another book out. I love the way Carmen writes, it is like you are there in the thick of it and the first chapter really pulled me in and I wanted to see how the story was going to pan out. This story is about Scarlett who is a teenage, she has a new life after a bad things had happened, she is drinking and wont let anyone help her. When her family fall apart what can she do to help them? Matt seems to turn up at just the right time but can he help her or will her life come crushing down on her? I really wanted to find out if Matt would be her knight in shining armor, I just wanted everything to go right for her and her family for once. A story that shows that you can turn your life around that you just need someone supportive to help you.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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