The Circling Sky By Neil Ansell

The Circling Sky By Neil Ansell

In the form of several journeys, beginning in January 2019, Neil Ansell returns for solitary walks to the New Forest in Hampshire, close to where he was born. With beautiful sightings and observations of birds, trees, butterflies, insects and landscape, this is also a reflective memoir on childhood, on the history of one of the most ancient and important natural habitats in the United Kingdom, and on the Gypsies who lived there for centuries – and were subsequently expelled to neighbouring cities. It is also part polemic on our collective and individual responsibility for the land and world in which we live, and how we care for it.

My Thoughts:

What a delightful read, and the cover of this book is simply stunning. Neil Ansell is an award winning television journalist with the BBC and a long standing newspaper journalist. He has written a couple of other books that I want to read next. This book is all about his walks to the New Forest. The New Forest has a special place in my heart as I use to go there alot when I was younger. I love driving through the New Forest too as you get to see all different wildlife. It made me feel calm when reading this book, hearing about all the different wildlife and birds and also the landscape gave me a fresh perspective on what you might be able to see if you go there. Neil is a great naturalist who is inquisitive and sensible and describes such a precious place in such great detail, one could almost imagine walking in his footsteps. I look forward to reading more of Neil’s books in the future.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

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