The Cornish Cream Tea Bus By Cressida McLaughlin

The Cornish Cream Tea Bus By Cressida McLaughlin

Baking fanatic, Charlie Quilter, inherits a vintage bus in her late uncle’s will and is keen to give it a new lease of life. Charlie thinks it will be the perfect mobile café for afternoon tea, so she heads to the picturesque Cornish village of Porthgolow, hoping for a new start. However, Daniel Harper, the owner of the posh spa up on the hill isn’t very pleased that her bus is parked outside his lovely hotel. Has Charlie’s Cornish dream developed a soggy bottom? Or can she convince Daniel that her bus could take them somewhere wonderful?

My Thoughts:

I love a book that is set in one of my favourite places Cornwall. It just makes me want to go there. This is the first book in the series and I look forward to read the others and following Charlie’s story. She inherits a bus and to give it a new lease of life decides to make it in to a mobile café to serve afternoon teas. After deciding that a little village in Cornwall would be the perfect spot, she heads off there but only to discover people that live there may not be keen on her pulling up and taking their business. Can she win them around or will she have to move on and shatter her dreams? It is a fun read, though don’t read on an empty stomach as the sounds of all the culinary delights will leave you feeling rather hungry. There is quite a lot going on in this book with lots of unique characters. There is always going to be a romance but you have to expect that. I loved it.

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