A Life Lost By Cathy Glass

A Life Lost By Cathy Glass

Jackson is aggressive, confrontational and often volatile. His mother, Kayla, is crippled with grief after tragically losing her husband and eldest son. Struggling to cope, she puts Jackson into foster care.

Cathy, his carer, encourages Jackson to talk about what has happened to his family, but he just won’t engage. His actions continue to test and worry everyone.

Then, in a dramatic turn of events, the true reason for Jackson’s behaviour comes to light …

My Thoughts:

Another brilliant read by the wonderful Cathy Glass, a read I just didn’t want to put down. I always speed through these books, this story is about Jackson but we also kind of follow Tilly’s story which follows on from the last book A Terrible Secret. Jackson is a very angry young kid who is struggling with his emotions after losing his brother and his dad. His mum can’t cope with his violent outbursts as she has two daughters to look after too and she is grieving too. Jackson’s mum puts him into care and he goes to live with Cathy. Cathy does her best for him and encourages him to speak about what has happened, at first he hates everyone but when he finally does speak up, you won’t believe what he tells them. I really appreciate Cathy telling us her stories about being a foster carer and trying to raise awareness of children in hope of improving the system. I know she touches on this in the book, I praise her for what an absolutely fantastic job she has done for all those kids and their families. I cried at the end of this book, I feel as though things may be coming to an end, I hope I am not right.

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