The Foreign Girls By Sergio Olguin

The Foreign Girls By Sergio Olguin

When two European backpackers are found murdered after attending a high society party in northern Argentina, sacrificial offerings left near the bodies point to their involvement in a Macumba rite.

But for their friend Veronica Rosenthal, a courageous investigative journalist with a proclivity for sexual adventure, the story smacks a cover-up. Sure enough, Veronica’s determination to get justice for the ‘foreign Girls’ quickly reveals a political dimension to the murder and leads her into very dangerous territory, bringing her face to face with old enemies, as well as new ones.

My Thoughts:

This is book two in the Veronica Rosenthal series, here we see her trying to discover what happened to the foreign girls, Veronica is a journalist that investigates different things. Will she find out what really happened to them or will she get caught up in more than she bargained for? Will she get herself into trouble? We see a few characters that we met in the first book return good and bad ones. I found this one better than the first, you can read these ones as a stand alone but if you want the back story then I suggest reading them in order.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Thank you to Bitter Lemon Press for sending me a copy of this book.

Get your copy here:

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