What I want to achieve next year on my blog?

What I want to achieve next year on my blog?

I have had a really long hard think about what I want to achieve on my blog next year. I want to make my blog better but tweaking certain parts to it, and just making it stand out more. I have been very lucky to have had a couple of my review quotes in author’s books but would love to be in more next year. I need to make my review quotes stand out more. My main goal would be to be in Carole Matthews or Jenny Colgan’s books as they are my two favourite authors and Milly Johnson but I have been lucky enough to be in two of her books now. I would love to get more followers on my blog but also on my social media accounts too.

I have read some great books already for next year on Netgalley, if you are not signed up, then you are really missing out, I have read a fantastic selection of books on there already. I have also been contacted to have my review quote in a book that comes out in January and it is called The Island By C. L. Taylor, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I will have lots of reviews coming next year and they are brilliant.

Aslong as I keep enjoy what I am doing then I will be happy, I will also be working with another publisher which I am incredibly excited and grateful for.

What do you want to achieve next year for your blog?

let me know in the comments.

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