My Favourite Reads of 2020

My Favourite Reads of 2020

I think most of us have found solace in books this year, I certainly have. These are my favourite reads of this year in no particular order. It was hard to whittle them down to just 26. There have just been some brilliant books out this year.

Hunting Abigail By Jeremy Costello

Six idiots witness a murder By Rob Hickman

Mainely Fear By Matt Cost

The Boy Between Us By Amanda Prowse and Josiah Hartley

The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside By Jessica Ryn

Your Life for Mine By Karen Clarke

Hungry By Grace Dent

Silent Night By Nell Pattison

The Silent House By Nell Pattison

The Chalet By Catherine Cooper

Remember Me? By Shobna Gulati

Too scared to tell By Cathy Glass

One More For Christmas By Sarah Morgan

A patchwork Family By Cathy Bramley

The Lonely Fajita By Abigail Mann

The Minute I saw you By Paige Toon

Meet me at Pebble Beach By Bella Osborne

One family Christmas By Bella Osborne

How to save a life By S. D. Robertson

Where We Belong By Anstey Harris

Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow By Jessica Redland

Secrets of a serial killer By Rosie Walker

A Terrible Secret By Cathy Glass

Coming Home to Glendale Hall By Victoria Walters

Why Mummy’s Sloshed By Gill Sims

A Surprise Christmas Wedding By Phillipa Ashley

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Post in the comments what your favourite read of this year has been?

9 thoughts on “My Favourite Reads of 2020

  1. Hi Hannah, what a fabulous selection of books and thank you so very much for including Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow on your list! I’m so pleased that you’ve discovered my writing this year and hope you enjoy New Arrivals at Hedgehog Hollow in January. Wishing you all the best for a lovely Christmas and a brilliant start to 2021. Thank you for all the support.
    Jessica xx

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    1. Thank you Jessica, I have already read it in netgalley and loved it. I am so pleased I have read your books and look forward to reading more from you in the future. Hope you have a lovely Christmas too. Xx

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      1. Oh fabulous! Thank you. I’ve been avoiding NetGalley. There were 2 reviews that told me I shouldn’t have written another book in the series that upset me so much, I stopped writing for a couple of days! I’ve not been brave enough to look since! xx


      2. On gosh I’m sorry to hear that. I haven’t read all your books but I plan to catch up over Christmas. Keep doing what you are doing as you are a brilliant author. Sending you a big hug x

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