Forgive Me By Susan Lewis

Forgive Me By Susan Lewis

This is Claudia Winters’s last chance for a fresh start. Changing her name and leaving her old life behind, she has fled to the small town of Kesterly with her mother and daughter. Here, she hopes they can be safe for the first time in years.

But the past can’t stay hidden forever. And even as Claudia makes new friends and builds a new life, she can’t help feeling it’s all about to catch up with her… Until one disastrous night changes everything forever.

My Thoughts:

Wow what a story, even though I have finished it I have still been thinking out it. The book highlights a few things including an abusive relationship, Restorative Justice and recovery and rehabilitation. I can’t seem to get my head around Restorative Justice, this book has opened up my eyes to it and I still don’t really understand why you would want to do it but hopefully I will never be in that position where I would have to. Claudia, her mother and her daughter have had to make a fresh start away from their home because of an abusive relationship, Marcus is capable of anything and the girls do not want to be found. Just when life is getting back on track, something utterly devastating happens and Claudia is left sickened that Marcus has found them but has he? I don’t want to give anything away but I really admire Marcy, Claudia’s mother, I feel as though she is a very courageous woman, with having her family and friends around her I knew she would get there in the end. The rehabilitation process is a long and hard one speaking from experiences, not like what Marcy has had to go through but it is a long process and as long as you have your family behind you, I know it can be done. Susan Lewis books always have a habit of staying with you for a long time. I think this is a very good book and written well. It just begs the question could you forgive or would you?

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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