The Kept Woman By Jeremy Costello

The Kept Woman By Jeremy Costello

How far would you go to feel wanted?

Janice Houser is desperately lonely. With a grand house and untold wealth at her fingertips, she wants for nothing.

But is it enough?

Her husband, David, is rarely at home and when he is, his attention is elsewhere. With her friends long-gone and her father estranged, Janice is prepared to do just about anything for a little human connection.

When Christian Lock, the Housers’ new residential chef, begins paying Janice more than a passing interest, Janice is overcome with feelings of desire like she hasn’t felt for years.

As things between Janice and Christian intensify and caution is thrown to the wind, a terrible secret hides in the shadows begging to be revealed, and Janice is left wondering if everything is really as it seems.

My Thoughts:

After reading Hunting Abigail by Jeremy, I couldn’t wait to dive straight in to his novella, at just 52 pages this short story definitely packs a punch. I love it when you feel a connection with a character and I certainly did with Janice, the story is about her and her relationship with her husband David, she is very lonely and her husband when he is around doesn’t really bother with her making her feel worthless and unloved. I really felt sorry for her and hoped that something good would happen for her, along comes a very hot sounding chef who starts to give Janice a bit of attention that she so desperately craves, it is a hard situation to be in but I would of said to her to leave her husband first. Unfortunately a secret is uncovered and throws everyone’s lives upside down, can Janice recover from it or will she be left in the dark? I can’t seem to get enough of Jeremy’s books and I look forward to the next one.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

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