Mothers By Cath Weeks

Mothers By Cath Weeks


Would you let your daughter go? 

Steffie has always been proud of the decisions she’s made as a mother – even when she battled with her husband’s infidelity and resolved to raise their ten-year-old daughter, Jemima, alone. But when Jemima has the chance to leave home and train as a professional ballerina, Steffie finds herself faced with that most unbearable of parental decisions: should she keep her child safe, or give them the wings to fly?

She knows what’s right. And so does her husband. But when tragedy strikes, can Steffie ever forgive herself?

Especially given the devastating secret she’s kept hidden for so many years…

My Thoughts:

I found the start of this book a bit slow but it did get better, I like the fact that where the book was set in Dorset, Wimborne I know very well as I lived there for a time and my parents live in Dorset. The scary thing was that I have regularly been to the Royal Surrey Hospital too as that is where I am having treatment for endometriosis. I do like a book that has places you know of in it. I loved the bond mother and daughter have between them it is very poignant. Beautifully written.

I received an advanced reading copy of this book for an honest review.

Get your copy here:

kindle edition


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