The Freedom Broker By K. J. Howe

The Freedom Broker By K. J. Howe


At eight years old, Thea Paris watched her brother being snatched from his bed.

Her inability to save him has haunted both their lives ever since.

Twenty years later, the unthinkable happens when her billionaire father is abducted.

But this time, she is prepared.

Now, Thea is at the top of her game as a freedom broker, negotiating for the release of kidnap victims around the world.

And she has only one objective:

Find him or die trying…

My Thoughts:

I can’t believe how riveting and hooked I became with this story. It is not my usual type of read but I was intrigued when I read that Thea Paris is a hostage negotiator, I thought this sounds interesting and it was. My heart was literally racing to find out what would become, I didn’t want it to end. A cracker of a read and this is the first book in the series so am very excited to see what Thea gets up to next.

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