Dark Water By Jan Ruth (Book 2)

Dark Water By Jan Ruth (Book 2)

dark water

The tragedy and comedy that is Jack’s life; is there a future for him and Anna, or is the past too destructive?
Jack Redman, estate agent to the Cheshire set and skilled juggler of complex relationships. Someone to break all the rules, or an unlikely hero?
In this sequel to Wild Water Jack and Anna return to discover that history repeats itself. Anna’s long-awaited success as a serious artist is poised to happen, but her joy, along with her relationship with Jack, is threatened by old scores.

Simon Banks is a depressed and unstable man with a plan. He wants to wipe out his past by buying a brighter future, but Jack Redman stands in his way.
Will Jack ever escape the legacy of lies and deceit left by his ex-wife? Can Jack and Anna hold it all together, or will tragic repercussions from Jack’s past blow them apart forever?

My Thoughts:

You have to read the first book which is called Wild Water to understand and know the characters, I was so glad to read the next part of Jack’s story. I got a sense right from the start that things weren’t looking very good for Jack and his family, he is torn between Anna and his children but which will he choose. I still found Patsy horrible some of the things she does is awful. I was so intrigued by what would happen I read this book in a day. It was brilliant.

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