A Seaside Affair By Fern Britton

A Seaside Affair By Fern Britton


When the residents of the Cornish seaside town of Trevay discover that their much-loved theatre is about to be taken over by a coffee chain, they are up in arms. It is up to Penny Leighton, hotshot producer and the vicar’s wife, to come up with a rescue plan. Armed with only her mobile phone, she starts to pull in some serious favours.

The town is soon deluged by actors, all keen to show their support and take part in a charity season at the theatre. One of the arrivals is Jess Tate, girlfriend of TV heartthrob Ryan Hearst. His career is on the rise while her own is in the doldrums. But everything is about to change. Trevay must put on the show of its life – but can the villagers, and Jess, hold on to the thing they love the most?

My Thoughts:

This is the second book by Fern Britton that I have read and even though I did enjoy it, some parts to me did feel quite rushed. There are quite a lot of characters in this book so I did find myself having to concentrate, having said that all the characters were well written and I did feel for a couple of them. It was a good story and the setting seemed idyllic. A gripping story that you wont want to put down.



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