The Affair By Santa Montefiore

The Affair By Santa Montefiore

Happily married with two small children and a circle of devoted friends, Angelica knows she should be grateful. But then she meets a charismatic South African who flirts with her and makes her feel beautiful. What starts as a long distance friendship grows into something deeper and soon she longs for his emails.

From the glamorous streets of London to the lush vineyards of South Africa, Angelica chases a dream that risks the very things she holds dear. Yet, the dream is flawed and a moment of savage violence flings her and Jack together only to rip them apart. With life refined down to its bare essence, Angelica learns that what Fate takes with one hand, it gives with the other.

My Thoughts:

I have only read one of Santa Montefiore’s books before and enjoyed it. This one was slightly different and I wasn’t overly keen on it. I still can’t see what possess women and men to have affairs, I really don’t think it is right at all. All the women got a bit annoying a few times when talking about their designer clothes but Santa Montefiore has done a good job of writing this book though and  I did finish reading the story but I will read more of her books in the future.

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