Trading Vincent Crow By D. C. J. Wardle

Trading Vincent Crow By D. C. J. Wardle

 Vince Crow had heard somewhere that you could trade a piece of useless junk on the internet and, within a year of swapping it for better and better things, get cool stuff. Crow decided that he himself was going to start off as that piece of tat, jump from one job to the next; indeed, he would trade one lifestyle for a new one, until he was finally a success.

Every three months he would have to trade-up for an entirely new life – a new job, a new girl, new wheels, a new pad, new threads – until he reached the top. The plan of comparing himself to a used item traded over the internet was of course marginally flawed, as there is a human factor to all of this which he’d overlooked.

Besides, success isn’t just about work. It’s about the car, the clothes, the house, and getting the girl, so changing all of that with every new trade upwards is a lot more difficult than swapping an old stereo in the classifieds. Crow quickly learns what the price of success really is. An education he would never have got if he had gone to college…

My Thoughts:

What a wonderful holiday read, so easy to pick up and put down. Really enjoyed this story, the author brings fantastic humour as well as brilliant descriptions. I loved all the characters in the book especially Vince’s nan when he came home. I really look forward to the sequel and what else the author has in the future.

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One thought on “Trading Vincent Crow By D. C. J. Wardle

  1. Thanks for the great review.
    I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Nan. She was my favourite character to write for so she and her non-sequiturs feature much more strongly in the sequel.

    DCJ Wardle

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