I listened to my heart By Rosemary Louise Gallagher

I listened to my heart By Rosemary Louise Gallagher

Rose O’Carroll has been single for most of her 40 years. In her search for love she bravely decides to pack up her comfortable life in Australia and move to London. Guided by her special friends — her angels — she quickly settles in her new life; lands a great job; makes new friendships and begins her spiritual journey. It doesn’t take long until Joe DeMarco, the handsome American, turns Rose’s world upside down and changes it forever. Rose intuitively knows she has met her twin soulmate. But how does she cope when he tells her “it’s just the wrong time”?

Everything happens for a reason and soon Rose discovers why she had to meet Joe DeMarco when the timing was wrong. She had someone else to meet first…and it wasn’t only the dishy Dr St. Claire. I feel my story will attract woman from the age of 30+ who are looking for love and opening up more to the spiritual side of life, (although not saintly) and who are romantics at heart. If you enjoyed Bridget Jones’ Diary and Eat Pray Love, then you will enjoy ‘I Listened To My Heart’.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this book, even though I am not really into angels and the mystic side of life, I did find it interesting to learn about. This book is pretty funny in places and the story has been written well. This is definitely another story where you can relate yourself to the characters. This book is funny, genuine and romantic. I really love the cover too.

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