An Unexpected Affair By Jan Ellis

An Unexpected Affair By Jan Ellis

After her divorce, Eleanor decides it is time to begin again.
She leaves behind her busy London life, and moves to a quiet seaside town in Devon.

There she opens up a bookshop, The Reading Room, on the local highstreet – and makes a roaring success of it.

But can Eleanor make a success of her love life as well?

There is no shortage of men. But when Eleanor thinks back over her life and loves, she remembers a passionate love affair in France in her twenties. And when her sister suggests they take a trip down memory lane and holiday there, will Eleanor take her up on her offer – and if she does, will she discover what happened to her great love Christophe?

Does Eleanor’s heart belong in France?

Or is there something, or someone, she’s been missing in Devon?

My Thoughts:

This is Jan’s first novel and I really enjoyed it. I love the fact that your drawn straight away into Eleanor’s West Country Bookshop world, brimming to the rafters with some very exciting and interesting people. In this story you get drawn into Eleanor’s life which goes from past to present which I found easy to keep up with unlike in other novels where it can become confusing. There are some romantic parts in this book but also some humour. I love the way Jan writes with such passion and look forward to reading her books in the future.

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