Celtic Love Knot By Angela Britnell

Celtic Love Knot By Angela Britnell

Can two tangled lives make a love knot?

Lanyon Tremayne is the outcast of his small Cornish village of St. Agnes. Susceptible to fits of temper and with a chequered past behind him, he could even be described as an ogre. But nobody knows the painful secret he hides. Olivia Harding has learnt a thing or two about ogres. She’s a professor from Tennessee, specialising in Celtic mythology and has come to St. Agnes to research the legend of a Cornish giant – and to lay rest a couple of painful secrets of her own.

But when Olivia meets the ruggedly handsome Lanyon, her trip to Cornwall looks set to become even more interesting. Will she get through to the man beneath the bad – tempered facade, or is Lanyon fated to be the ‘ogre’of St. Agnes forever?

My Thoughts:

I hadn’t read any of Angela’s books before but I have to say she doesn’t disappoint so will be looking out for her other books. I love the fact it was set in Cornwall, as I love the place. I found Olivia very interesting and loved Lanyon, I am glad Olivia helps to bring him back to life. I think Angela writes brilliantly and the way she describes Cornwall is beautiful, makes me want to go there. I managed to read this book in a couple of days and will definitely be recommending it.


One thought on “Celtic Love Knot By Angela Britnell

  1. I’m pleased you enjoyed ‘Celtic Love Knot’ and thanks for the kind review! It’s a book close to my heart because of the setting in my native Cornwall.


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