A Part Of Me By Anouska Knight

A Part Of Me By Anouska Knight

After years of trying, Amy Alwood and James Coffrey have finally been accepted into the adoption process. At long last they are going to get their ‘happy ever after’. Then – out of nowhere – a dark secret is revealed, which changes everything.

Amy throws herself into her work to distract herself. Her new client, Rohan Bywater, is certainly keeping her on her toA-PART-OF-ME-by-Anouska-Knight-230x360es. He’s frustrating, lives on the edge… and she can’t stop thinking about him. He’s very clear on one thing through: kids are not part of his future.

Amy is torn – does she follow her heart and let the thing she wants most slip away, or carry on with a lie and live with the consequences?

My Thoughts:

This is Anouska Knight’s second book and i thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great joy to be immersed into a good book. The characters were great  myself quite liked Rohan, I think he is a bit of a dish. I thought Anouska really handled the topic well. This was a very interesting read, as I haven’t read a book quite like it before not that that is a bad thing. I thought the cover looked fab and very pretty. Will definitely be purchasing Anouska’s first book called Since you’ve been Gone.


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