A Kettle Of Fish By Ali Bacon

A Kettle Of Fish By Ali Bacon

Cover Kettle of FishAilsa has just left school and should be living it up on a summer trip, but her plans are scuppered by her needy and secretive mother. In desperation she takes up with local fishmonger Ian. He’s good for her soul and sex-life, but their future is blighted by the shadow of Ailsa’s absent father Tom, an art teacher who left home after hitting the headlines in the worst possible way. In the end Ailsa makes a break for Edinburgh, where she finds a job and a bed with Shane, a shady dealer i picture-rights. With him she lets go of her inhibitions, but can she let go of her past?

A rollercoaster family drama described as “harsh, gritty yet lyrical”.

A Kettle Of Fish moves from the East coast of Fife to the art galleries of Edinburgh, where Ailsa finds herself fishing for clues about Tom.

My Thoughts:

What a delightful read. I loved the plot and that it is set in Scotland. This is a book you won’t be able to put down. I was actually thinking about the book when I wasn’t even reading it. The main character Ailsa had indeed uncovered a kettle of fish, and I couldn’t wait to know what the outcome was going to be. This book is well worth a read especially if you want a book that is engaging and fascinating.

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