The day you saved my life by Louise Candlish

The day you saved my life by Louise Candlish

louise candA child falls into the river. A stranger jumps in to rescue him. And four lives are changed forever.

On a perfect summer’s day in Paris, tourists on the river watch in shock as a small boy falls into the Seine and disappears below the surface. As his mother stands frozen, a stranger takes a breath and leaps….

My Thoughts:

I hadn’t read any of Louise Candlish books before, I really enjoyed this one as it was easy to make sense of, I liked the way the book was written as it jumps from future to the past so you can understand the family history. Joanna has a daughter called Holly who has post natal depression after having her son Mikey, Joanna takes them away to Paris and events take a dramatic turn and their paths cross with James and Alexa. This turn then alters their lives for ever.

This book is definitely a page turner and its true what it says on the front cover , I couldn’t put it down wondering what was going to happen next. The trip into Joanna’s past kept me intrigued. I wasn’t expecting the twist that happened near the end either it made me think why hadn’t i ever read a Louise Candlish book before. I will definitely be recommending this book.

5 thoughts on “The day you saved my life by Louise Candlish

  1. Such a pretty lavender on your blog. It makes a very pleasant reading experience. Our tastes are similar, I can tell! I enjoyed reading your book reviews. I am glad you enjoyed my post, “Why Can’t We…”


  2. Not just one favorite. I have been pleasantly surprised by books written by Morgan Callan, Helen Garner, Vendela Vida and Binnie Hirschenbaum. Their stories touched on my life at the time I found each of their books. I will read a few lines and then I usually know! How about you?


  3. ahhh ok i have to admit i have never read any of these authors but looking them up i will purchase them and have a go. I like Jenny Colgan, Carole Matthews, Jill Mansell and Jojo Moyes.


  4. Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea (first novel, Morgan Callan), a touching story about young love, loss and being foolish. The Spare Room (Helen Garner), the sad story of a woman helping a friend with terminal cancer (it helped me because I had just lost someone close with the same disease). Each book might have a bit of darkness, but I did enjoy the writing. I will check out the authors you like! Thank you.


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