Happy Days of the Grump By Tuomas Kyro

Happy Days of the Grump By Tuomas Kyro

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Maybe there’s a little grump in all of us . . .

The Grump, at eighty years old, is more focused on death than life; building his own coffin and keen to write his will in ink – who can trust technology, after all? – he knows that everything was much better in the old days.

But when the Grump finds himself in hospital after falling down his basement steps, his life passes before his eyes. Thinking of the people closest to him and reflecting on the changes society has brought about, he realises he must come to terms with the cards life has dealt him.

My Thoughts:

At 80 years olf the Grump decides to start making his own coffin and writing his will. I’ve never read a concept of this book before. I really did feel as though it was an 80 year old man speaking these words. I found it a heart warming story, it dealt with serious issues but there was a bit of comical on the side.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

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