I Will Marry George Clooney (By Christmas) By Tracy Bloom

I Will Marry George Clooney (By Christmas) By Tracy Bloom

There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only answer is to marry George Clooney.

For Michelle, that time is now.

Slogging her guts out in a chicken factory, whilst single-handedly bringing up a teenager who hates her, is far from the life that 36-year-old Michelle had planned.

But marrying the most eligible man on the planet by Christmas could change all that, couldn’t it?

Sometimes your only option is to dream the impossible – because you never know where it might take you…

This is a fun, completely fantastical novel featuring George Clooney, and has not been authorised or endorsed by the wondrous man himself.

My Thoughts:

This story got crazier by the minute, it did make the story endearing though. I am not a big George Clooney fan but wanted to read this book as I saw a lot of hype about it when it was first out. I liked the way that the story focuses on the relationship between mother and daughter rather than just being a love story. I enjoyed the ending, it was lovely.