The Girls By Emma Cline

The Girls By Emma Cline

the girls

If you’re lost, they’ll find you…

Evie Boyd is fourteen and desperate to be noticed.

It’s the summer of 1969 and restless, empty days stretch ahead of her. Until she sees them. The girls. Hair long and uncombed, jewelry catching the sun. And at their centre, Suzanne, black-haired and beautiful.

If not for Suzanne, she might not have gone. But, intoxicated by her and the life she promises, Evie follows the girls back to the decaying ranch where they live.

Was there a warning? A sign of what was coming? Or did Evie know already that there was no way back?

My Thoughts:

I found the start of this book quite slow but then it picked up a little. I wasn’t overly keen on how graphic some of the sex parts were going to be. I just found it a little weird not really for me but I am sure others will like it.

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