Lie With Me By Sabine Durrant

Lie With Me By Sabine Durrant

lie with me

A few little lies never hurt anyone. Right?


Paul has a plan. He has a vision of a better future, and he’s going to make it happen.

If it means hiding or exaggerating a few things here and there, no harm done.

But when he charms his way on to a family holiday…
And finds himself trapped among tensions and emotions he doesn’t understand…
By the time he starts to realise that however painful the truth is, it’s the lies that cause the real damage…

Well, by then, it might just be too late.

My Thoughts:

I was not sure about this story when I first picked it up, I found Paul a bit creepy and also Andrew too. But once the story unfolded it was brilliant. I kind of guessed the ending halfway through but it still was like I can’t believe it. A gripping read.

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