The Watcher By Monika Jephcott Thomas

The Watcher By Monika Jephcott Thomas

the watcher

This title will be released on October 10, 2017. 

It’s 1949 when Netta’s father Max is released from a Siberian POW camp and returns to his home in occupied Germany. But he is not the man the little girl is expecting – the brave, handsome doctor her mother Erika told her stories of.

Erika too struggles to reconcile this withdrawn, volatile figure with the husband she knew and loved before, and, as she strives to break through the wall Max has built around himself, Netta is both frightened and jealous of this interloper in the previously cosy household she shared with her mother and doting grandparents.

Now, if family life isn’t tough enough, it is about to get even tougher, when a murder sparks a police investigation, which begins to unearth dark secrets they all hoped had been forgotten.

My Thoughts:

I always find stories about POW camps very interesting as you learn what the people that were sent to them had to endure. This story centres around Max who has just returned to his family after coming from a POW camp. He struggles in every day life, then there is a tragedy but who is to blame? The story also centres around his daughter Netta and we see her reaction to her father returning as a different man and how she copes with it. A really interesting story.

I received a advanced copy of this book for an honest review.

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